I’m a graduating ‘24 member from the University of Chicago majoring in Sociology, Computer Science, and minoring in Media Arts and Design. An aspiring designer of spaces, narratives, and installations, currently preparing to pursue a degree in Architecture.

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Ling (2023.8-Present)Videogame, Architecture

Ling is a walking-simulator / visual novel / photographic experiment that explores virtual spaces and the photographic medium to tell the story of a women who confronts her memories of losing what she held most dear, in a mutated dream-space that faintly resembles her childhood home.


A Tomb for Conversation - For Kafka & Dostoyevsky (2024.2) Architecture

An imagined cemetery where Franz Kafka and Fyodor Dostoyevsky would be buried together, honoring their imagined conversations about power, faith, and the individual caught in urban modernity.

Nuclear Family (2024.4-2024.5) Architecture

A deconstruction and folding of a childhood apartment into a miniature doll house, roughly the size of a 34 centimeter cube, created to explore familial dysfunction and the Family as an institution. Furniture pieces and hidden inscriptions on the wall written in UV ink conceal the story of each member of the family: Mother, Father, and the child. Visitors reveal them by tracing across the model with a provided UV light source, discovering, gradually, the complete picture as they pick up pieces of text around the house.

(Album-Ruili)  2023.8.Digital Photography

Street photography of a border-town in Southwestern China. I enjoy photographing urban spaces.

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